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Distracted Driving in California

53% of California drivers admitted to making a driving mistake while distracted by a cell phone in 2014—were you one of them?

Sending a text message while driving fosters a crash risk up to 23 times worse than driving while totally focused on the road.  While both texting and driving are common tasks we complete everyday, the combination can be deadly.  Sending or reading a text message takes your eyes off of the road for almost five seconds on average, more than enough time for an otherwise avoidable danger to incur serious, potentially fatal damage.


Swanson Insurance Agency works diligently everyday to provide an unbeatable car insurance products to all of our clients.  This defense, however, operates as a safety net should you be involved in an accident.  We emphasize that the best protection is proactive, beginning with proper driving habits.  Consciously deciding what part your cell phone plays in driving habits is up to you.


Interested in learning more facts about distracted driving?  Click below for updated statistics as of 2015:


   Distracted Driving Fact Sheet   


Teen Drivers and Distracted Driving

Most susceptible to the temptation of using a mobile device are young drivers in California—in fact, drivers under the age of 20 make up the largest proportion of drivers distracted at the time of a fatal accident.  At least a quarter of teens send a text while driving every single ride they take with about 20% doing so repeatedly while engaged in a multi-message text conversation.


As teen drivers form the driving habits they will carry with them for a lifetime, it is integral that they make the safest practices possible an integral part of their operations.  Most importantly, texting while driving is illegal for minors, whether or not they are using a hands-free device.  For details, read the article below:


   California Distracted Driving Laws   


Take the Pledge California

It's important for more than just teens, but everyone to evaluate their driving habits and identify both strengths and weaknesses.  If distractions, especially those presented by mobile devices, are one of your pitfalls, we encourage you to make the effort to change the trend and practice keeping your focus on the road, not the screen.


Below, a contract courtesy of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is available to download and Take the Pledge.  Swanson Insurance Agency highly encourages all of our auto insurance clients in El Cajon and throughout the San Diego area to play their part in keeping our roads safe for everyone.


   Take the Pledge   


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Solid driving habits are the best way to look out for yourself down the road; sound auto insurance makes sure there is a professional who has your back, no matter the dangers you face ahead.  Swanson Insurance Agency provides the knowledgable and reliable agents that you can trust to keep your car, yourself, and your family safe on El Cajon, California roads and beyond.  Request a quote today to provide the initial information we can use to keep you safe.

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The team at Swanson Insurance Agency is fully dedicated to our clients' safety on the road, whether that's through ongoing education on best driving practices or sound auto insurance.  Located in El Cajon, California, we also serve clients throughout the San Diego area, including La Mesa, Santee, Lakeside, Spring Valley, and Bonita, CA.